Whether you need portable toilets for your construction site or an upcoming event, Nix Sanitary Service should be your first choice. You can trust our portable toilet rental service in the areas surrounding Mount Vernon, Boonville and Evansville, IN to handle all your portable toilet and sanitation needs.

In addition to providing toilets for your events, our sanitation crew will provide regular maintenance, including:

Pumping out the units

Recharging the chemicals

Completing thorough cleanings

Restocking the toilet paper

Call 812-897-4381 now to get a free estimate from our portable toilet rental service.

Benefits of renting from Nix Sanitary Service

When you choose Nix Sanitary Service, you can rest assured your portable toilet and sanitation needs will be met. Here are some examples of portable equipment you can rent from us:

Men's and women's units

Handicapped-accessible units

Sinks with 40-gallon water tanks, soap and paper towel dispensers

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of renting equipment from Nix Sanitary Service.